The Planner Section You Are Missing

an add woman missing planner section

Your Planner is Incomplete I don’t care which planner you are using, or whether it is paper or electronic, I can almost guarantee that it is missing one vital section: your home. We have planners in order to keep our lives straight. To get us to appointments on time, or at least remind us that […]

Get It Done!

As women with ADHD, we often struggle to get things done. I don’t know about you, but I struggle a lot with keeping the house clean and organized. It seems I never notice to do something until it’s blatantly obvious that it needs to be done. Like when my feet start sticking to the kitchen […]

Habit Hacker

Yesterday I wrote a post about the Home Routines app for iPod. At the end of the article, I posted a quote from Habit Hacker basically saying that if you don’t have an iPhone, it would be worth it to get one just to use this app. After writing the post, I visited the Home […]

Keeping the House Clean

Keeping the house clean and neat seems to be a universal problem for ADD Moms. It’s no fun cleaning house and even less fun when it hasn’t been done in a while. It’s overwhelming and frustrating because you can do it once and still have to do it again over and over. There are a […]