BBQ Sauce & ADHD

The other day I decided to make peach BBQ sauce. From scratch. Seriously? Do I have so much leisure time that I can take a few hours to make peach BBQ sauce? (No.) A simple trip to the store would have worked. Well, I did make a trip to the store, but to buy ingredients […]

Who is Managing Your Time?

How well do you manage your time? Or is someone else managing it for you? Those of us with ADHD often have trouble managing our time. We can lose big chunks of it when we get interested in something – that’s called hyperfocus – and it can seem to drag on forever when we’re bored. […]

Happy Little Creative Mom

Happy Little Mom is the very first ADD Mom to show off her creative side. Happy expresses her creativity through knitting. She is self taught and says that when she gets into it, she can really start hyperfocusing. Hyperfocus is when you are so involved with something that you lose track of time and the […]