Is Your Brain Ripe Enough?

Have you ever heard of your brain being ripe? Me either. But Stephanie Rodriguez, the “brains” behind a new product called Noggin Nosh knows all about your brain and what’s good for it. And she’s put it into the most delicious bars that you have ever tasted. Ever. Stephanie is a former school psychologist and […]

ADHD: A Natural Solution

One of the most common questions I get is about managing ADHD without medication. For some, it’s being afraid to put themselves or their child on stimulants. For others, it may be a matter of insurance or finding a doctor to prescribe it. And for still others, it may be just a desire to use […]

Anxiety: My Secret Weapons

Anxiety is one of the many gifts that you may receive along with Attention Deficit Disorder. And like ADHD, it may be mild or severe, depending on variables like your general health and the environment around you. My daughter Caitlin suffers from acute anxiety; my anxiety is far milder yet seems to be present far […]