Over Committed and Overwhelmed

Are you like me – trying to juggle too many balls at once? I think it’s an ADD thing. You know, we’re easily bored. And act without thinking. And have no real concept of how long things might take. Which explains why I have 3 blogs with accompanying newsletters. Well, only 2 newsletters. And really, […]

Grocery Shopping with ADHD

Why is grocery shopping so hard when you have ADHD? Or is it just me? First you have to figure out what meals you’re going to cook and what you need to buy. And then there’s breakfast and lunch to worry about. How am I supposed to know what everyone’s going to eat for those […]

The Dump List

I know I’ve written about the dump list before, but it never hurts to have a reminder. 🙂 I have been feeling especially overwhelmed lately. The house is really starting to feel neglected, especially the closets and cupboards. Add in a long weekend in Michigan and a day spent in the hospital with my daughter […]

Organization & Time Management

It seems that when summer starts coming to a close and the new school year is approaching, everyone gets interested in being more organized and time efficient. That’s especially true if you have kids in school, but even if you don’t, September is sort of like clean slate time. I haven’t been posting here much […]

ADHD and Your Environment

I think that most of us are aware that kids with ADHD are more successful in school when they have a structured and organized environment. But did you know that the same is true for adults with ADHD? You’ve all heard me complaining for months about my downstairs bathroom. (Status: ceiling in & painted, walls […]