The Happy Planner

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I found a planner that I loved enough to buy and I wanted to tell you about it. Do you have a planner addiction like me? I am constantly in search of the perfect planner. The one that I love, love to use and […]

Taming the Mile Long To Do List

It is the end of 2014 and all day I’ve tried to bring things that belong in this year to an end. One of those things was to write this post. I’ve been around much lately due to my dad’s poor health, but this is my place to share with you and I wanted to […]

It’s All About the Plan

Well we have survived Thanksgiving and are well on our way to Christmas or whatever holiday you might celebrate in December. Did you cook the big meal or did someone else? Most of the women I know went somewhere else for Thanksgiving and had little, if anything, to do. I got to make Thanksgiving dinner […]

5 Ways I Stay Organized at Home

This past weekend my daughter Sarah, her husband Rob, and this guy came to visit. We had a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday and we were very busy all weekend. It was both wonderful and exhausting! After they left, especially¬†that guy, I had a mess to clean up. He likes to rearrange, you see, and relocate, […]

The Planner Chronicles: Part 5

Back in May, I updated my Planner Chronicles series by letting you know that I was still using my Martha Stewart Arc planner from Staples. Well, it’s November and I’m happy to say that I am still using the same planner. I love the size – about 8.5 x 5 – and I love the […]

When Are You Going to Get Angry Enough?

I know how hard it is to live a life with ADHD. I’ve been doing it a really long time. I’ve struggled with a messy house, and losing important stuff – sometimes cause I threw it away – and being late and forgetting and well, you know. I have even invited 10 people for Christmas […]