Simplify Your Social Media

You’re on social media, right? We all are. And it can be a good thing. You can keep in touch with family and friends, make new friends, and learn things. Maybe even have a laugh or two. But too much of anything isn’t good for you. It’s the same with social media. Those of us […]

Organizing Ideas from Pinterest

Organizing Ideas from Pinterest - An ADD Woman

Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am? So many great ideas and so much to look at! An ADD Woman’s dream! Today I was looking for organizing ideas because my house closets are totally out of control. I found lots of ideas, but one Pin led me to a goldmine of ideas! It’s […]

Favorite Organizing Tips from Pinterest

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? If you haven’t, be prepared to lose an hour or three. Yes, it’s just that good. Anyway, one of my favorite things to look for on Pinterest are great ideas for organizing. I’ve posted a few below from their original sites. Keeping your shower clean with little effort from Pinbusting […]

One Armed House Cleaning

Ever since I broke my arm, I’ve had to learn to do lots of things with just my right arm. Lucky for me I’m right handed. Still, you’d be surprised how many things really need 2 arms to do. There are so many things around the house that really require the use of both arms. […]