Taming the Mile Long To Do List

It is the end of 2014 and all day I’ve tried to bring things that belong in this year to an end. One of those things was to write this post. I’ve been around much lately due to my dad’s poor health, but this is my place to share with you and I wanted to […]

Clutter: For Real

You know that as someone with ADHD clutter is an ongoing problem. And that word “ongoing” is key. You can’t just clean things up and expect them to stay that way forever. There isn’t much in life that works that way. There are 3 main reasons that we have issues with clutter: Things are out […]

6 Skills to Master

Yesterday we talked about Your Brain on ADHD and how poor Executive Functioning skills can make things harder for you. In fact, many of the problems associated with ADHD are directly related to Executive Functioning skills or rather, a lack of them. Today let’s talk about 6 skills to master to help you compensate for your […]

Your Brain on ADHD

Your brain on ADHD might not be the most interesting topic to read about, but it is an important one. Learning about your brain and how it functions can help you to understand your ADHD better and show you that it’s not you, it’s your brain. Executive function is a series of mental processes that […]

Stop Focusing on the Deficit

When we think and talk about ADHD, we tend to focus on the deficit, and then we wonder why we have poor self esteem. You know that I’m always talking about saying good things about yourself and to yourself. And I remind you how the primitive part of your brain believes everything you tell it and […]

The Magic of 15

31 Day Challenge: Day 25 I had my first two children while I was attending college full time. They were 16 months apart. Yes. We will not discuss my planning skills at this time. What those years taught me was to use every second of time that I had available. They taught me to love […]