Managing ADHD Naturally, Part 5

Exercise Exercise. Just like drinking enough water, and eating the right foods, exercise is an important facet in a healthy lifestyle and in The Med Free with ADD program. One more thing you don’t want to hear, right? I don’t blame you. Exercise is boring, at least to me. I was an uncoordinated kid; now […]

Do You Have a Friend?

Making and keeping friends can sometimes be difficult for people with Attention Deficit Disorder. We often have poor social skills and can be too intense or too distracted for others to deal with. Having a friend or two who gets you, though, can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. It […]

Social Anxiety: How to Deal

Social anxiety is one of those little perks that often comes along with ADHD. It’s understandable. When you consider that you have trouble paying attention to what others are saying, miss social cues, often interrupt or contribute things that don’t seem to follow the conversation, it’s no wonder that you might be uncomfortable in social […]

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are important to every aspect of our lives, whether it’s communicating with your spouse, your boss, or even your hair stylist. Maybe especially your hair stylist. 🙂 But as ADD Moms, our communication skills may not be as polished as we would like. It’s hard to communicate with someone if you’re not […]

Are You Phone Phobic?

phone phobic an add woman

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I avoid the phone. I rarely call anyone other than my kids. Even my weekly call to my dad is stressful for me. I didn’t connect this phone phobia of mine with my ADHD until I read Sandy Maynard’s article today on the ADDitude Magazine website. Apparently […]

Sharing Yourself and Your Home

There is a lot of socializing going on this time of year. People have holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and may even drop by with a gift. How good are you at sharing yourself and your home? Personally I’m a little uncomfortable playing hostess. I don’t seem to have those skills that other women have. You […]