Talking About Talking

Do you talk too much? Or find the need to explain more than necessary? Interrupt much? I am guilty of all of the above. I am sure it is an ADD thing. For instance, if someone asks me where I live (as in which state) I usually give them the long version – where I’m […]

Welcome to ADD Moms!

I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Brenda Nicholson, and ADD Moms is my site. I am an ADHD Coach and an ADD mom. For me, that means that I have ADHD and so do all of my kids – Sarah 25, Andy 24, and Caitlin 21. My husband Mark has ADD, too. This […]

2 New ADHD Groups

In response to requests, I’ve created 2 new ADHD groups where we can get together and talk. Both are free. ADD Moms @ ning was created to support those of us with ADHD and depression and/or anxiety. Be sure to check out the exercise group within that site. We’re using positive affirmations and exercise to […]

The (Non) Social Side of ADHD

Do you ever feel like you let your friends and family down, even when you don’t mean to? I know I do. Last night, my Aunt Mae passed away. When my dad called to tell me, I told him I wouldn’t be attending the out of town funeral because my husband is laid off and […]

Social Anxiety and ADHD

Social anxiety can take many forms – for some people, it’s so severe that they can’t put themselves in social situations of any kind. For others, it might be milder, and something they can tolerate once in a while. Still others might get a case of nerves, but find they usually relax after a while. […]