Sex and ADHD

Did you know that your ADHD and your sex life are connected? And that your ADHD symptoms can cause all kinds of problems when it comes to sexual situations? Now this isn’t meant to be an X rated post, but we are all presumably adults here and this is a subject that is important to […]

Hunters, Farmers, and Med Free with ADD

The following is an excerpt from my Med Free with ADD program. Thom Hartmann is the author of several books about ADHD, notably “ADD: A Different Perception”. He first became interested in the subject when his son was diagnosed. He disliked telling his son that he had a “deficit” and a “disorder” because he knew […]

Hormones and ADHD

Did you know that hormones can have an effect on ADHD? Changes in hormonal levels at any stage of life can affect your ADHD symptoms, almost always making them worse. Studies on teens with ADHD showed that ADHD medications often stopped working with the onset of puberty, or at least became less effective in treating […]