Simplify Your Social Media

You’re on social media, right? We all are. And it can be a good thing. You can keep in touch with family and friends, make new friends, and learn things. Maybe even have a laugh or two. But too much of anything isn’t good for you. It’s the same with social media. Those of us […]

Simplify Your Social Life

Do you have a big social life? Sometimes our social lives ebb and flow, depending on the season of our life. For instance, when our children were small, we had quite an active social life. There were family get togethers, time spent with friends, and play dates. As the kids got older, there were school […]

Simplify Your Schedule

Do you have a set schedule? Or is one day usually different from the next? Do you have certain days for certain activities, or do you tend to sort of do things when you notice them? I think that as ADDers, we have a tendency not to want to be tied down. We prefer a […]

With Order Comes Time

31 Day Challenge: Day 9 Do you realize how much time you could save if your life were in order? Think about it. How much time would you save if: You always knew exactly where your keys were or anything else for that matter You could put your hands on the exact piece of paper […]

Take a Minute

Actually, take more than a minute. How about 30? Could you spare 30 minutes a day for yourself? You need to find a way. Have you ever felt like you’re being bombarded on all sides from just too much stuff? You have a million things to do, your kids, your spouse, your boss wants/needs you […]

Time Management and ADHD

Time management is such a critical thing for we ADDers. Those of us with Attention Deficit Disorder experience time differently than people without ADHD. While we perceive time as being elastic, they see it as relatively inelastic. By elastic I mean that when we’re doing something we enjoy, time flies by and when we’re bored, […]