Restoring Order: The List


31 Day Challenge: Day 16

Yesterday we talked about why order is a problem for us; today I’m going to list some possible solutions for you to try.

Ready? Here goes:

  • Make sure that everything in your home has a designated spot to be stored
  • De-clutter daily
  • Remember to put things away when you are done with them
  • Throw trash away
  • Make a decision with each piece of mail as soon as it comes into your home and put it where it belongs
  • Edit your possessions; how much of any one thing do you need?
  • Make things easily accessible by their point of use
  • Make things easier to put away than to take out
  • Store like things together in containers
  • Do not buy containers for organizing until you have cleared the space and measured it
  • Shop the house first for things you can use to contain your belongings. Repurpose things such as shoe boxes, cereal boxes, plasticware, and jars.
  • Don’t forget places like your refrigerator. You can buy containers meant for fridge organization or use your own.
  • Put small chunks of time to use clearing out a drawer or putting something away
  • Learn to multitask while on the phone or watching TV; you can also clear out a drawer, fold some clothes, or clear the clutter out of a room.
  • Get a safe deposit box at the bank or a fireproof box to hold important papers
  • File papers like warranties and manuals under the room the object is located. The paperwork for your new stove, for instance, would be filed under kitchen.
  • Designate a specific spot in your home for important papers like permission slips, tickets, etc. Add a container for them. No more lost items stored in a “safe spot”!
  • Check Pinterest for lots of great ideas for organizing
  • Remember that even great organization needs regular attention to keep it that way
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