Re-framing Your Focus

My husband got laid off recently. Part of what that means is that my previously semi-unstructured days working from home are now even less structured. It’s been a challenge to be as productive as I once was because my environment has changed. As someone with Attention Deficit Disorder, I need a structured environment in which […]

Who’s in Charge?

Are you in charge of your life, or is Attention Deficit Disorder running it? Do you make plans, or come up with projects that never get completed? Or if they do, it’s either late or not your best effort? Are there things in your life you’d like to do that you just never get around […]

Social Anxiety and ADHD

Social anxiety can take many forms – for some people, it’s so severe that they can’t put themselves in social situations of any kind. For others, it might be milder, and something they can tolerate once in a while. Still others might get a case of nerves, but find they usually relax after a while. […]

Company’s Coming

This weekend, my daughter and her boyfriend will be visiting us from Michigan. Because it’s been a while since they’ve seen them, several of our friends are coming over on Saturday evening to get together and catch up. I’d like to share a little glimpse into our household as we prepare for company. Remember, everybody […]

It’s Not About ADHD

Today’s post is a little off topic in that it isn’t really related to Attention Deficit Disorder. My good friend Carole is selling her book, High Energy Eating and I’m helping her promote it. You might wonder why I would do such a thing when I have a book called The Natural ADHD Diet that […]