Stress Free Finances

Introducing a NEW Money Management Email Coaching program especially for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder! Have you ever – Had to pay late charges because you forgot to pay or mail a bill? Overdrafted your checking account because you were confused about what was coming in or going out? Tried to set up a budget […]

One of ADDitude’s 8 Best Blogs!

ADDitude Magazine recently did an article called “The Web’s Best ADHD Blogs”, and I am thrilled to say that ADD Moms was chosen as one of them! Here’s a bit of what they said: “Brenda Nicholson’s blog is polished and professional, warm and welcoming. Nicholson, who has ADD and has raised three children with the […]

Use Your Power for Good

Do you think of yourself as a super hero? You should. As a person with Attention Deficit Disorder, you keep company with some very impressive people. Beethoven, Bill Cosby, Cher, Leonardo da Vinci and Walt Disney to name a few. Do a search online for famous people with ADHD and you’ll see what I mean. […]

Systemize Your ADHD

As a person with a business online, I am often given advice on how to “work smarter, not harder”. One suggestion I hear a lot is to systemize much of my business. That means I put as much as possible into systems – having a set series of steps for tasks I do often, or […]

Are You A Drama Queen?

I never knew exactly what was meant by a “drama queen” until I had my third child. The kid should have been born with a crown on her head. Nothing is ever simple – it’s always a big production of one kind or another. A minor headache turns into a brain tumor, and cramps are […]

Look First

You know, one of the things about having Attention Deficit Disorder is that we have a tendency to be impulsive. Act first, think later. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about all the troubles it can cause in our lives. My mom taught me something when I was just a little girl that […]