My Planner

The post I did yesterday about my simplified day planner brought back some memories. I remembered that I had done a scrapbook once for my parents as a Christmas gift. They lived in Florida and we were in Michigan, and they missed us so much. I followed the kids around with a camera, took a […]

Day Planner Simplified

One of the challenges that people with ADHD face revolves around time management and organization. We have appointments to keep and errands to run and things to do. And we have to remember it all, and remember it at the right time. You can spend $100 or more and buy a really cool day planner […]

I Confess: I Am Not Perfect

My husband said something to me today that really hurt my feelings. I know he didn’t mean to – actually he was telling the truth – but it hurt just the same. If you don’t know already, I’m confessing now: I’m not perfect. I don’t expect others to be perfect, but deep down inside I […]

As You Are

The other day on Facebook, I asked my friends what they wanted to know about ADHD. One replied, “How not to have it!”. OK, I guess I understand that. Although I have said before that given the choice, I would still chose to be ADHD, I can understand how it does make life more difficult […]

Calling All ADD Moms!

Can you help a fellow ADD Mom out? It’s easy – just take a survey. Stacie contacted me the other day. She’s an ADD Mom who’s working on her thesis for her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is focusing on what it’s like to be the mom of an ADD child – what’s hard, what’s […]

Just Wondering

This isn’t so much a post as a question – when you want information – you know, something bigger than a blog post – how do you like to get it? Do you like a written report, an audio file, or both? What about video? I ask mostly because I want to know if I’m […]