Operation Beautiful

Do you know how beautiful you are? Caitlin Boyle does. Caitlin Boyle is the catalyst behind Operation Beautiful. Operation Beautiful is the title of Caitlin’s book and the name of her website. But it’s so much more. Operation Beautiful is a movement; a positive, wonderful, inspiring movement that every female in the world needs to […]

ADHD: The Bigger Picture

I’m about to tell you something earth shattering. Are you ready? Are you sure? Your ADHD is affected by almost everything else in your life. What? Yeah, that was it. What do you mean it wasn’t earth shattering? Read it again. It does not say that your ADHD affects almost every part of your life. […]

ADHD: A Natural Solution

One of the most common questions I get is about managing ADHD without medication. For some, it’s being afraid to put themselves or their child on stimulants. For others, it may be a matter of insurance or finding a doctor to prescribe it. And for still others, it may be just a desire to use […]

Hunters, Farmers, and Med Free with ADD

The following is an excerpt from my Med Free with ADD program. Thom Hartmann is the author of several books about ADHD, notably “ADD: A Different Perception”. He first became interested in the subject when his son was diagnosed. He disliked telling his son that he had a “deficit” and a “disorder” because he knew […]


As I mentioned earlier today, there are some changes going on at ADD Moms and ADD Student. I plan to take things in a slightly different direction in the future, and for that reason (and others) I am clearing out many of the products I currently have to offer. For a limited time, you can […]


Did you know that we ADDers are perfectionists? Yes, it’s true. Now if you’re sitting in a room anything like the one I’m sitting in at the moment, you might doubt that statement. But still it’s true. See, being a perfectionist is not about being perfect. It’s about trying to be perfect. And for us, […]