It Just Takes One Little Thing

Today I read a blog post on Unclutterer about “The Keystone Demise”. The author explains that a keystone is the middle stone in a stone arch that helps the arch stay intact and hold the structure in place. Without the keystone, whatever it is supporting – a building, a wall – would collapse. When it […]

Start with Yourself

Something wrong? Something not working quite right? Things out of kilter? Start by looking at yourself. I learned this the hard way recently. I’ve been having those days (weeks) when I can’t seem to get anything done. I’m lucky if I even move all day. You know those days right? I was depressed and overwhelmed […]

The Life Organizer

Wow. Are you pulling out your credit card right now wondering where you can buy such a thing? Something to organize your whole life? Gotta get that! Well the good news is that such a thing does exist. The Life Organizer is a book, a system, a new way of living and looking at your […]