Relationships and ADHD

Does your spouse, partner, significant other get you? Do they understand you in terms of your ADHD? Or are there problems in the relationship because of it? People without ADHD really have a hard time understanding those of us with ADHD. I guess that goes both ways; how well do we understand them? It can […]

A Special Opportunity

Lately I’ve been feeling that I don’t serve all of you as well as I would like. I feel that I hold back too much, especially when it comes to sharing myself. I am hoping to change that by starting a special coaching group on September 1, 2011. 10-12 women will join together along with […]

Motivated Moms

ADD Moms can have a hard time getting it all done. We can also have a hard time remembering what it is we need to do. Things like appointments and outside activities get put on the calendar (we hope). But it’s the daily things like housework that sometimes get away from us. There are a […]

5 Ways to Take Some Time for You

We all know the importance of taking time for ourselves and yet we rarely do it. Why not? Oh, wait. I know. You’re too busy. You’re behind. Other people are more important. WRONG. You’re important too. Just as important as anyone else. And you need to take some time for you so that you can […]

One Thing at a Time

We ADDers are supposed to be so great at multi-tasking, but the truth is that we do a lot of things at once and don’t really accomplish a lot. I’ve also noticed that we seem to really only be able to balance one part of our lives at a time. For instance, if your home […]

Sensory Overload and ADHD

You know that you can easily be overwhelmed by too much of anything: to much to do, too much stuff in your space, too much to try and understand. But did you know that your senses can be overwhelmed too? If you’ve ever driven past an area where a skunk just perfumed the air then […]