It’s A Dinner Revolution!

You know sometimes I write about meal preparation and the importance of a good balanced diet. Those things may not seem to be related to ADHD but they really are. A good diet is essential for maintaining your body and brain health. A healthier brain functions better and if you’re making sure to include lean […]

Take A Minute or Five

Do you often feel as though you’ve wasted an entire afternoon or even a day without accomplishing anything? I think that as ADD Moms we can often feel that way. we procrastinate, we don’t get around to it, we wait until we feel like doing it. And stuff doesn’t get done. Here are a few […]

That Exercise Thing

You know that exercise is good for your ADD brain as well as your body right? So how come you don’t do it more often? I know you’ve got lots of answers but the number one reason has to be because it’s boring. As ADDers, we crave excitement and variety. The local gym usually doesn’t […]

List It and Forget It

That’s what usually happens with our to do list right? We add 47 things to it but never actually do any of them. We tend to forget them. Or maybe ignore them is a better way to put it. Or maybe we do some of them, but those are rarely the most important ones. (Unless […]

How to Feel 10 lbs Lighter

Notice I didn’t say how to look 10 lbs lighter or how to lose 10 lbs. I said how to feel 10 lbs lighter. This is an exercise – an activity, not real exercise. Get ready. As soon as you finish reading this, go get a large garbage bag – one of those big black […]