How to Feel 10 lbs Lighter

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Notice I didn’t say how to look 10 lbs lighter or how to lose 10 lbs.


I said how to feel 10 lbs lighter.

This is an exercise – an activity, not real exercise. Get ready.

As soon as you finish reading this, go get a large garbage bag – one of those big black ones.

Now go around the house and start putting stuff in it.

Stuff that you’re going to throw away as soon as you fill it.

I bet you can find plenty of things if you just look around you.

Junk mail still sitting on the counter. Magazines you read months ago. Bills that you paid weeks ago. That broken whatever it is that you keep meaning to fix but you know you never will.

I did this on Sunday. Some of the things I threw away included a bottle of cologne that belonged to my mom. She passed away 6 years ago. The cologne has gone bad and I don’t need it to remember her.

I threw away 3 shirts that didn’t fit and were too old to be useful to anyone. I threw away 2 more with stains on them. I also threw away a pair of slippers that were worn out long ago and meant for the trash but never got there. (Kind of like that DSW bag).

Once you fill your bag, be sure to walk it outside and deposit it into the garbage can. Your job isn’t done until you do.

I promise if you take just 5 or 10 minutes to do this, you will feel so much better when you’re done. Maybe even a few pounds lighter.

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