Nite Nite!

Some time ago one of my readers asked me for some tips on getting a good night’s sleep. Wouldn’t you know it? A few days later I got hit with springtime allergies and spent a week in bed. Nothing like research I guess! Here are some ideas I came up with: Make sure your bedroom […]

Spring Cleaning

Over at Life Well Lived on BlogHer we’re talking about spring cleaning. Alicia from Get Buttoned Up has an article about getting your spring cleaning done in just 10 minutes a day. That sounds totally doable, doesn’t it? Alicia has some great suggestions for spring cleaning, including some things you might not have thought of, […]

Put It In A Box!

Earlier this year I went on an organizing binge. I don’t know where I picked that particular bug up, but I wish I could get it again. 🙂 Anyway, in contrast to other times when I have attempted to organize something, this one has really stuck. Stuff I organized a month or more ago is […]

Clean Your Bedroom!

Are you getting spring fever? I know I am. We’ve had a mild winter here (much appreciated in Chicagoland) and already there are signs of spring. With spring, though, come a couple of things: spring cleaning and allergies. And if you have allergies, you know that spring cleaning is important, but also likely to stir […]