Peppermint and ADHD

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What does peppermint have to do with ADHD? More than you might think.


Besides freshening your breath and soothing your tummy, peppermint can be used in several different ways for ADHD.

Peppermint can increase your mental clarity and improve your concentration. You can use peppermint candy for this, or peppermint gum, or you can use essential oil of peppermint. (See note at bottom).

If you’re prone to anxiety, as many people with ADHD are, peppermint oil can be used when you are especially anxious or if you’re having a panic attack. The strong smell of the peppermint serves to sort of short circuit the brain, taking attention away from the panic or anxiety for a few seconds. In many cases, this is just enough to help you calm down and begin to relax.

Peppermint can also be used for depression. The refreshing scent can lift your mood and brighten your spirits.

And although its not related just to ADHD, peppermint oil is great for relieving both stress related and sinus related headaches.

Note: Use caution when using any essential oil, including peppermint. Never use it directly on the skin; dilute it with a light massage oil to a 1% solution. You can purchase essential oils and massage oils at most health food stores. Ask the sales staff there for precise instructions on use. Aveda salons also carry a purse sized vial of peppermint oil in a roll on. I keep mine with me at all times.

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  1. Great information. I am ADHD also. I decided to research this subject when I was taking a test in my science class at Yreka High School in Calafornia. After taking the peppermint I slowly felt my mind calm down. I was wondering if other people have researched this subject before. I guess I was right.