The Power of Magical Thinking

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When it comes to parenting, we could all use some extra help, don’t you think?

When ADHD is part of the picture, it can be harder to parent consistently and to make sure the values and messages that you want to impart to your children are communicated.

Trenna Daniels has come up with a series of award winning audio stories for children that can help you reinforce your family values and address issues (like being different) in an entertaining way.

Trenna has a step son with ADHD who is now a marine. He recently told her how much her stories helped him as a child. How’s that for an endorsement?

The title of this post, The Power of Magical Thinking, actually comes from a newsletter onTrenna’s website

Here’s an excerpt:

The importance of imagination and playtime

As Shirley S. Wang writes: “For years, make-believe play was thought of as a way for children to escape from reality and once they reached a certain age, it was believed they would push fantasy aside and deal with the real world. But, increasingly, child-development experts are recognizing the importance of imagination and the role it plays in understanding reality. Imagination is necessary for learning about people and events we don’t directly experience, such as history or events on the other side of the world. For young kids, it allows them to ponder the future, such as what they want to do when they grow up.”

And another:

Stories can utilize ‘make believe’ situations to help kids learn and grow in real life

It is always great to read articles with references by child psychologists that confirm the value of our adventures in our imaginations, whether in our minds or inspired through stories, and that they are good for our children. Stories are enjoyable, entertaining tools to sort through issues and help our children how to cope.

I would also highly suggest that you take a look at the philosophy behind One to Grow On audio stories. I am sure that you will find it as inspiring as I did.

The website offers a wide range of audio books, available for instant download or as CDs and at very reasonable prices. You also have the opportunity to listen to an excerpt before you purchase the story.

Be sure to check out the Red Collection: Learning to Love Ourselves; it’s one of my favorites.

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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