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Last night, my oldest daughter and I had a discussion about housework and organization. I don’t remember what brought it up, but we were talking about a specific time in our family’s life when everything just seemed to work.

My family remembers the house that we lived in at the time as their favorite home. We sold it and bought another one because we had outgrown it. The kids never really loved the new home, even though they had their own rooms, and looking back, I think I can see why.

When we lived in that house, my kids were 6, 5, and 2, and yet the house was always clean. Sure, it was cluttered at times with toys, but easily cleaned in a matter of minutes. I was organized – everything was in it’s place and I knew where it was. I had a schedule for doing things (that even included such tasks as washing the hairbrushes once a week) and yet I had time on my hands – time to spend with the kids, to take them to lessons, and to pursue my own interests.

Sound like a dream? It seems like one to me now. My life and house don’t run so smoothly these days, and my kids are all grown (although 2 still live at home).

The magic that made it all possible all those years ago started with a book called “Side Tracked Home Executives” by sisters Pam Young and Peggy Jones. In that book, they introduced a system based on 3 x 5 cards and a filing box, and it literally changed my life. (By the way, Pam and Peggy have a website here).

Next time, I want to tell you a little more about the system the way I used it, and I’m thinking of working on putting it to use again where we live now. I’d like you to join me, if you want. Maybe I can put together a Yahoo group if people are interested.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t do housework, the system could be easily adapted to work routines, too.

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  1. Pam and Peggy’s system really worked for my friend, but for some reason I just couldn’t make it work. They have a friend that they suggest called Flylady. She has a website that is overwhelming at first, but if one REALLY starts at the beginning, it can work. I thought that it was awfully mature of them to realize that while there way is great for some that it might not work for others. Thank you for your honesty and insights. I always felt like something was the matter with me, why do I get sidetracked, why can’t I quit reading and fold laundry like others, how can I “loose” whole hours of time. Your blog mixed with the Flylady system has really helped. Thank you, Flying

  2. I have tried both systems, the SHE system and the Flylady system. My adhd keeps getting in the way of my sticking to either one. Any suggestions?

  3. Both have worked for me in the past, but not all of the time. The SHE system worked beautifully the first time I tried it. I had to try Flylady several times before I got it.

    I find Flylady too overwhelming – too many emails, too many zones and things to do.

    I have tried to get back on the SHE system but have never succeeded.

    I am a thousand times better with housekeeping than I used to be, but I still would like to improve. Most days I can invite someone into my home and not be embarrassed, but I can rarely say that about overnight guests.

    I’m trying a new system now, and there is another one I used for a while. Maybe I’ll do a review of them.

    I think with a lot of us, variety is the key. We’re always excited about something new and jump right into it. Maybe we need to switch up our routines now and then too.

  4. I have tried this system and Flylady too. I have actually talked to Marla and one or both of the sisters. Although it did seem overwhelming, there was a sense of covering everything that needed to be done. I would be willing to try again, anyone game?

  5. Wow – am I impressed! Marla and Pam and Peggy? Envious! Did you learn anything more from meeting them?

    The first time I saw a household notebook was at a site called (I think) Organized Home. Cynthia Towley (?) was the CEO. I’m not sure I ever put one together though.

    I had great success with the card file system but have stopped using it. I think we all need a change now and then to keep us interested or else we lose interest all together.

  6. I am a struggling mom of 4 and 51 years old. I am so bad I walk in circles..I need help to calm myself. I jump from one task to another and can’t seem to finish anything. I have tried ritalin…no help. I have notes eveywhere and have a hard time reading one paragrah without leaving to another thought… Anyway any help would be appreiciated. Any new medications that really work? Thanks!