Your Secret ADHD Super Power and How to Use It

Secret ADHD Super Power

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Did you know that you have a secret ADHD super power? And if so, do you know how to use it?

There are Two Sides to ADHD

When we have ADHD, we’re always thinking of the negative side of things:

  • We can’t pay attention.
  • We are forgetful.
  • We can’t sit still.
  • We can be hyper.
  • Our minds are all over the place.
  • Sometimes we can be really anxious.

But when you think about super powers, you can turn those things around:

  • We can’t always pay attention to one thing, so we pay attention to everything. This means we notice more than others often do.
  • We’re busy people, with a lot going on in our brains. Sometimes we do forget, but that can be easily solved and more than makes up for our creative minds.
  • We have a lot of energy.
  • We can find ways to put our energy to good use.
  • We generate lots of ideas and often make connections that others don’t.
  • Anxiety can be a problem. Lucky for us, we have a super power (minus cape) that helps us calm down.

Secret Super Power Revealed

Actually, those of us with ADHD have more than one super power, but for now, we’ll talk about just one: the power of color. Or more importantly, the way that we can harness the power of color.

We can use color to help code our files, to do list, or planner.

Since we are predominantly visual learners, this works towards our strengths (or super powers).

Another way that we can use color is to help us relax and combat anxiety.

For instance, painting your bedroom a soothing color, such as a pale blue or green, can help calm you and get a more restful sleep.

Another way, which has become very popular in recent years, is adult coloring pages.

Color Your Way to Calm

Adult coloring books have exploded over the last few years.

There are books, calendars, bookmarks, and even free pages online.

I’d love to share a favorite resource for free coloring pages with you: Kenal Louis and his amazing art.

Kenal offers a variety of free coloring pages that you can download and color to your heart’s content. What I love about his art – other than his sheer talent – is that he offers both complex and simple drawings.

I find that I am overwhelmed by anything too complex or busy, so the simple drawings are perfect for me.

And when you sit down to color one of these pages – hopefully with some quiet time and favorite beverage – you will find that you lose track of what is around you.

You become engrossed by what you are doing, your blood pressure lowers, your breathing slows, and you relax. It’s like free therapy!

Give it a try. And enjoy!

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle

Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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