Handling your ADHD symptoms on a regular basis is hard enough, but when you add stress to the mix, it can make things next to impossible.

Now I know in general that most of us live stressful lives. That’s the not kind of stress that I’m talking about, although plain old everyday stress does mess with your ADHD.

No, the kind of stress that I mean is the kind that usually happens when your life is changed or about to change in a big way. A birth, a death, a move, a new job – any big change can trigger stress.


Right now in our household, we are all stressed to the max.

Last week my daughter got into the shower with her socks on and when someone asked me my last name, I had to think longer than I should have to come up with the answer.

So how do you deal with stress and ADHD?

Here are some of the strategies that we are using:

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