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When I first got married, my mother-in-law embroidered me a set of tea towels with the days of the week on them. One day was for washing, another for sweeping or going to the market. I think a long time ago that was a way for women to get things done – assign a task to a certain day.

So, for instance, if it’s Monday at our house, that means it’s trash collection day.

Believe it or not, last night was the first time I realized that it would actually make a lot of sense to tie certain tasks to certain days. So, if it’s Monday at our house, Monday morning or Sunday evening would be a good time to empty the trash cans in the bathrooms.


Now I bet a lot of us do this already – we just don’t realize it.

For instance, some people plan out their grocery shopping trips to coincide with the sale papers from the grocery store. I plan mine around payday, which means you’ll find me in the grocery store on the weekend. Or – heaven help me – Costco on the weekend.

You know what’s cool about this idea of assigning tasks to certain days?

Well, first, it’s efficient. It makes sense to empty the trash cans the day the trash gets picked up.

But the other, even cooler thing about this idea is that it helps you establish good habits much easier than just randomly deciding that you will clean the floors every Monday morning.

So take a look at your week. What happens on a regular basis? What task can you tie to that?

Grocery shopping and bill paying probably tie into paydays.

For me, menu planning is usually done on Thursdays in preparation of the weekend shopping.

Think of how much more you could get done if you just assigned a day to it. Towels could be washed on a weekly basis instead of when you’ve run out and desperately need one. (I remember once my brother-in-law and family visited us for the weekend. The first day he asked for a washcloth in order to take a shower. There wasn’t a clean one in the house.)

It’s all about planning.

Go on. Find just one thing in your home that happens regularly and tie a task to it.

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