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Recently HomeGoods put forth the idea that men have “man caves” – places they could go and relax – and that it was time that moms had a cave too.

Here is the “official” definition:

I happen to agree. Moms are pretty hardworking people; we really need a place to go and relax for a while.

Last weekend, two friends and I took a much needed girl’s day and went to Michigan for lunch and shopping and just fun. One friend took us to this amazing store full of unique things. (She called it “Pier One on crack”).

One of the things that intrigued us the most was their sanctuary room. It was filled with soothing sounds and smells, comfy room for one chairs, soft throws, candles, and more. There was this big cushy white chair that you could just sink into. The shop owners had hung a sort of sheer tent over it so that you felt cocooned in your own little space.

The shop owner had also put together a hand out of how to create your own little sanctuary. One of my friends has already started on hers.

There were ideas like putting pictures and art in your space, soft lighting, a comfortable spot to sit and more.

HomeGoods mom cave is sort of the same, although they seem to see the space as more vibrant. Here is their checklist:

As an ADD Mom, you really need to take this seriously. We take care of everyone but ourselves, but the truth is that we can take care of others more effectively when we take care of ourselves first.

Not only that, but taking care of yourself can go a long way towards managing your ADHD symptoms more effectively. When you take care of yourself, you do things like get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, and give yourself down time to relax.

All of those things make you a calmer and happier person. Don’t you deserve that?

My friend who is creating her sanctuary is lucky enough to have an entire room to devote to it. Maybe you’re not that lucky – most of us aren’t.

You can, however, find a corner somewhere in your home to call your own. I suggest starting with your bedroom. (P.S. – when my kids were younger, the bathroom was the only place I had any hope of some alone time. Unless you have a spa like bathroom, it doesn’t count. But maybe you could make it into one.)

Make a point today to start looking for that special place to call your own.

Still need convincing? Read this.

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  1. I guess that’s kind of what I have in my new studio. Need some of that comfy stuff though. Great idea!