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This time of the year most of us are celebrating a holiday of some sort. For some it’s Christmas, for others maybe Hanukkah or Kwanza or some other holiday.

That also means exchanging gifts. There are gifts for our family and friends, our coworkers, the people who take good care of us.

If you’re a typical ADD Mom, you probably have a good amount of “stuff” at your house.

It’s also probably causing a bit of a clutter or organizational problem.

You’ve got clothes you don’t wear, clothes you can’t wear because they don’t fit. Little knick knacks and decorative items. Too many toys and toys no one plays with anymore. A couple dozen paperbacks that you’ve already read and likely won’t read again.

And on top of that, you’ve got more “stuff” coming from all of your friends, family and coworkers.

What are you going to do with it?

How do you bring more stuff into a house that already has too much and expect your house to still look good and function properly?

Here’s an idea.

Right now, before the actual getting of the stuff happens, get rid of some of the stuff that no longer serves you. Trash what needs trashing and donate the rest.

Making room for your new stuff by donating your old stuff helps you and someone else. You’re paying the wealth forward.

And to get you started, here is a link to Donations Central . Donations Central maintains a database of charities that accept clothing so you can search for one near you.

And don’t forget the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

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  1. With each category, sort every item into one of three piles: the stuff you’re going to keep, the stuff you’re going to get rid of, and the stuff you’re not sure about. Be ruthless: When’s the last time you used that bulky electric juicer? What are the chances you’re going to start using it in the future? Is it really worth keeping around?