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Last time we talked about how what’s in your head can be reflected in your home.

Now I want to share a very special book with you. It’s called “Spiritual Housecleaning; Healing the Space Within by Beautifying the Space Around You” and it’s written by Kathryn L. Robyn.

One of the reasons that I love this book is because the author makes a definite connection between the state of your home and your inner state.

For instance, according to Ms. Robyn, the hearth or the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here is what she says about cleaning the kitchen:

Cleaning the kitchen is a sacred practice that frees up the metaphysical sources for nurturance in your life. This activity builds or reactivates those neural pathways in your brain that track when it’s time to receive proper care and balanced nourishment.

I wonder: what does your kitchen look like right now? And how well are you taking care of yourself?

“Spiritual Housecleaning” takes a holistic look at the woman’s role in keeping a home. It gives you self help questions to think about, exercises to do, and a solid plan for getting your home in order.

I think the second half of the title says it well:

“Healing the Space Within by Beautifying the Space Around You”.

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  1. In our home kitchen is place which needs daily cleaning because it directly affects our health. So we keep it neat and clean and use natural products for cleaning.

  2. House cleaning is a very necessary for our health, but it is very boring task but if we make a plan for it, then we can do it very easily.