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Simplifying your life sounds pretty amazing, right?

Imagine how much better your life would be if things were reduced down to their simplest form.

Ahhhh….can’t you just feel the calm and relaxation already?

Simplify Your Life?-2

But hold on a second.

Simplifying your life?

Your whole life?

That’s not simple at all.

It’s time consuming and takes a lot of work.

And frankly, it’s not advisable to tackle such a big project all at once. Especially when you have ADHD.

As a coach, I would tell you to choose one small thing, one with what I call a high aggravation factor (that means it bugs you a lot and messes up your life) and start with that.

Want some examples?

Right now my purse is bugging me. You know how you have to have just the right, perfect bag? I don’t have that.

I have bags that are too big or too small or too something.

The other day I was out running errands and just kept getting more and more aggravated by not being able to find what I needed quickly and easily in my bag.

So my job might be to do some looking around, maybe some shopping, and find one that fits my needs.

Maybe your closet is bugging you, making it hard to get ready for the day.

A whole closet is too much to take on, but you can narrow it down.

Is it too full? Is it too hard to find what you want? Are you guilty of keeping more than one size of clothing in your closet?

Decide what one thing would make a positive difference and then work on that.

In my closet, I have wire shelving that has a sort of bar attached that lets me hang my clothes. It’s nice because every few feet there is a divider that separates the bar into smaller sections. This lets me hang my clothes by category.

I have dress clothes, pants, shirts according to season, jackets, and work out clothes. This makes hanging up and finding my stuff much easier.

If you can’t come up with a specific area to work on, that’s OK. We have 31 days to figure it out.

Just follow along with my blog each day, either by subscribing in a reader or bookmarking my site, and I’m sure you will find some useful ideas to simplify your life, one small step at a time.

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know where in your life you would love to see some simplification!

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