Simplify: 31 Days

31 Days and 31 ways to simplify your life, whether or not you have ADHD :)

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I am doing an amazing challenge with a huge bunch of very talented bloggers next month called 31 Day Challenge.

We each pick a topic – mine is Simplify – and we write about it each day in October for 31 days.


This page will be the main page for the series and will contain the links to subsequent posts so you can either check out my blog each day to see what the new post is, subscribe to my blog in a reader, or just bookmark this page and come back each day to see the link for the next post.

I will also try and share the group’s page with you when that is ready because there are going to be some really inspiring and informative posts for you to read. Just remember, we have ADHD. Try not to get lost in all the reading!

Write 31 Days – where you will find everyone’s link to their blog and posts. Mine is under Simplicity and Organization.

Day 1 – Simplify Your Life?

Day 2 – Simplifying Dinner

Day 3 – Simplify Your To Do List

Day 4 – Simplifying the Mail

Day 5 – Simplifying Your Life: One Good Habit

Day 6 – Simplify Your Mind

Day 7 – Simplify Your Email

Day 8 – Simplify Your Time

Day 9 – Simplify Your Schedule

Day 10 – Simplify Your Beauty

Day 11 – Simplify Your Space

Day 12 – Simplify Your Evening Routine

Day 13 – Simplify Your Mornings

Day 14 – Simplify Your Mornings

Day 15 – Simplify Your Digital Life

Day 16 – Simplify Your Workout

Day 17 – Simplify Clean Up

Day 18 – Simplify the Holidays

Day 19 – Simplify Your Attitude

Day 20 – Simplify Storage

Day 21 – Simplify Grocery Shopping

Day 22 – Simplify the Laundry

Day 23 – Simplify Your Bag

Day 24 – Simplify Your Social Life

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2 Responses

  1. I want to do this!!! Seems a little overwhelming though – any advice -how do you make the linky – i always wonder how people have those great pinteret links – thaknks so much and SO happy I found your blog – I am a writer – recently diagnosed with ADHD and have just started a blog for peope to follow my journey – Thanks!!

  2. There is a website – – and they have a practice page that walks you through it. Easier than you think. Since you just started your blog, maybe wait til next year when you’re not feeling so overwhelmed? Or jump in – there are some people in the challenge who are new to blogging too. Can’t wait to check out your site!