The High Price of Disorder

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31 Day Challenge: Day 7


Yes, that really is the eyesore next to my desk.

What? You think because I’m an ADD Coach that my life is perfect? That I’m organized and my house is always ready for Better Homes and Gardens to photograph it?

I’m human.

And I have ADHD.

And, if it’s not already apparent, I can be brutally honest as well.

I look at it this way: at least you know that I really get you and the issues you struggle with. I’m right there with you, although hopefully I’m a little farther down the path.

Everything that I’ve been talking about when it comes to Order, Restored is summed up in this picture.

There is no peace or calm to be found here. There is no order. What there is is a lot of stuff left out because it either has no home, or it’s waiting in a “safe place” until I need it and then I will see right where it is. Not.

What is this particular pile costing me?

You mean besides the shame and sense of overwhelm it causes me every time I look at it?

One of the things it is costing me is time.

Believe it or not, in my never ending quest for the perfect planner, a lot of what is contained in there – yes, there really is a basket there somewhere, actually 2 – is related to planning and keeping me on track. Don’t laugh.

There are a few planners in there, even last years. Why? Not sure.

There are pages that I am trying out or using for my planner.

Dividers. A binder I bought and used to use for passwords and website stuff. I had to dig it out the other day because I needed it.

Paper punch and label maker. You know, so I can keep things neat and organized.

Books, magazines, a few more binders of stuff I am trying to learn. My business coach would be horrified if she saw that picture because the materials she is trying to get across to me are in there.

So far, it’s costing me embarrassment and discomfort, and time.

What about money? Is it costing me money?

It could be.

One of the items in that pile are papers I want to hang on to. Receipts, statements, things like that.

And some of the printed material from An ADD Woman Cleans is in there, too. You know, all ready in case someone orders a printed copy and binder. Easy to find and pop in the mail.

So yes, I’d say it’s costing me money too.

What about you?

What are your piles costing you?

Certainly your emotions must be close to mine when you look at them.

Are they causing problems in your relationships? Do your kids have friends over, or do you? What about your spouse, roommate, or significant other? What do they have to say?

That’s a cost, wouldn’t you say?

What about the stuff in those piles that you forgot you have? Have you ever purchased something only to find that you already had it? Or not cashed a check because you couldn’t find it and forgot?

Sometimes perfectly good things can be damaged or destroyed if they spend time in a pile for too long. Then you need to get another one.

Those piles of ours are occupying valuable real estate in our homes, and cars, and offices, and purses. They don’t deserve it.

But how does one attack such a pile and figure out what to do with it all?

Ahh. Stay tuned.

And be sure to keep checking, because I promise you that pile of mine will soon be history. I’ll be back with the details soon.

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Lacy Estelle is the writer of and the Podcast host for An ADD Woman.

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