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One of the biggest things for me in managing time is finding time to do all of the things that I need to do and then remembering them. And what about wasting time? Do you ever find yourself at the end of the day wondering what you did all day long? Feeling as though you didn’t accomplish anything?

One of my solutions for ending the day feeling productive is to make sure that I’m up and moving most of the time. Let’s face it – computer and Facebook time is spent sitting down.

I tried the good old to do list for remembering the things that I needed to do, but it didn’t work so well for me. First you have to remember to look at the list. Or maybe you need to remember where you put it.

U Do the Rest has written a great article on apps that can help you manage your time more effectively. You can read it here.

Of the apps mentioned, I have tried two: Toodledo and Wunderlist.

I liked Toodledo and used to use it. However, being a true ADDer, I stopped after a while. I honestly can’t remember why, but I suspect that the detail required when entering things to do was just overwhelming for me.

I had high hopes for Wunderlist but could not get it to work for me from the beginning. It was a technical issue with the software and while the support staff was always quick to answer my questions, they never seemed to understand what the trouble was.

Reqall looks very promising to me – it works on a number of devices and takes advantage of voice notes and email. I am definitely signing up for this one.

There are two apps that are mentioned in the article that I feel I need to mention: Time Timer and Put Things Off.

Time Timer looks like it was made for us. In fact, it mentions using it in classrooms and for Autism. I’m sure it would help ADDers as well. Definitely worth checking out!

And as for Putting Things Off – really?? We don’t need an app for that. We’re masters at putting things off already.

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