A Serenity Room

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My friend JayDee has what she calls a serenity room. It’s a space she created just for herself. She plans on using it when she’s having a bad day or just needs some alone time. Truthfully? I told her to take a picture of herself and put it where her husband will see it now and then. She’s going to be up there all the time.

So why am I telling you this?

Because as an ADD Mom, you could use a serenity room too.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You don’t have the space or the time or whatever.

But you really do need a private little spot of your own where you can go now and then to collect your thoughts and lick your wounds. And if you’re a mom with young children around, that just might be the bathroom – if you’re lucky and they don’t follow you in. 😉

We all need time and space to ourselves. Sometimes it’s not a lot of time, but it helps. And if that spot is like JayDee’s, it’s filled with lovely things to look at, a comfortable place to sit, some music, some memories and some inspiration.

I don’t have a serenity room of my own, per se, but I do have my little corner of the living room. My family room gets used all the time and the TV seems like it’s on 24/7, but the living room is apart a little bit. It’s quieter, a little bit cooler in the summer, and just right for me.

Maybe your spot is outside on the deck or in the garden. Maybe it’s the bathtub where you can have a good soak. But if you don’t have a place at all, get one. You deserve it.

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