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31 Day Challenge: Day 22

How do you feel about the way you look? And what about the way that you dress? Are you putting your best face forward every day or are there days when you hope you don’t run into anyone you know?

I used to be pretty good at putting outfits together when I was younger, but as I got older and gained some weight, it got harder. After all, I wasn’t dressing a 25 year old body anymore.

Even if you’re in perfect shape, you can still struggle with how you look.

And when you have ADHD, low self esteem often comes along for the ride.

Not knowing what to wear or not being confident in what you wear can affect other parts of your life too. For instance, how long does it take you to find something to wear and then get out the door?

If it takes you little time at all, is it because you throw on the first thing you find and then forget about it?

Learning to build a wardrobe that works for you is easier than you think and it can really make your life easier too.

I’ve found that coming up with what I call a uniform can really make a difference in choosing clothes to buy and wear.

Now a uniform for me doesn’t mean an actual uniform. What I mean by that is a few basic pieces that make up the foundation of your look.

So instead of jeans and a t shirt, do well fitting jeans and a knit top (sort of a t shirt, but nicer). Switch out athletic shoes for a cute flat or boots.

You’ve already vastly improved your looks and have not compromised on comfort.

Jeans and a plain shirt. Dress it up with a jacket (and vest, in this case) and you’ve put together something you can wear and feel good in almost anywhere.

Here’s what I do: I start with jeans and a knit top. You could do this with other pants as well. And if yoga pants are your go to, try leggings and long tunic tops instead. Still comfy, but nicer looking.

Then I add some jewelry or a scarf or a jacket or cardigan. Even a scarf and a hoodie looks better than just the jeans and a hoodie.

See what I mean?

Use very basic pieces in fairly neutral colors or a sized palette of colors. I usually choose black and gray over browns or navy.

Then you can add inexpensive accessories like scarves, necklaces, and bracelets to add pops of color.

Ever notice the purple jacket in the picture of me that I use? I bought it to wear over a black and white print dress for my daughter’s wedding, but it goes equally well with jeans, boots, and a knit top.

When you concentrate on a few basic pieces and a few base colors, you have the foundation for a versatile wardrobe just by adding in extras like a jacket or jewelry.

That puts your wardrobe in order and makes getting ready a no brainer.

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