Home Ec 101

Yesterday in my post about one armed housecleaning, I mentioned that I have found a great new blog. It’s called Home Ec 101 and it’s got just about everything you need to learn about cleaning, cooking, fixing things and washing them. Here’s what part of what Heather, the owner, says about her site: Home-Ec 101 […]

Motivated Moms

ADD Moms can have a hard time getting it all done. We can also have a hard time remembering what it is we need to do. Things like appointments and outside activities get put on the calendar (we hope). But it’s the daily things like housework that sometimes get away from us. There are a […]

Household Notebooks

Do you have a household notebook? In case you didn’t know, many women use a household notebook to keep things running smoothly at home. It can contain many things, but most often it has a family calendar, a list of contacts, a list of daily and weekly chores, and a section for menu planning. Some […]