The Trip to the Grocery Store

The Trip to the Grocery Store

When I was a kid, my mom would start thinking about dinner right after lunch. She would figure out what she was going to make and then inevitably have to run to the grocery store for one or more items that she needed. This happened every day. When I got old enough to drive, it […]

Tuscan Bean Soup

Today I am starting a new feature here at ADD Moms called Pantry Meals. All moms, ADD or not, have days when things get out of control and they find themselves searching for something for dinner with not much in the house. Each Friday I will provide a recipe for a quick and easy pantry […]

Dinner with ADD

Yes, even those of us with ADHD have dinner most days. And those of us who are ADD Moms not only eat it, we have to plan for it and then prepare it too. Do you have a plan for dinner each day? Or are you the way my mom was? Every day about 2 […]

Feeding the Family with ADHD

The other day I told someone the story about the time I invited 10 people to Christmas dinner and realized around midnight on Christmas eve that I hadn’t been to the grocery store in about 2 weeks. No milk, no eggs, no bread – much less turkey and the trimmings. And let me tell you, […]