Simplify Your Tasks

You know a lot of people think that people with ADHD are the original multi-taskers. And for a while there, multi-tasking was the big thing. But you know what happens when you multi-task? A whole lot of nothing. Working on one thing until you lose interest and then moving on to something else sounds good […]

The Mystery of Multi-Tasking

Have you ever noticed the mystery of multi-tasking? On the one hand, we can be masters of doing more than one thing at a time. But on the other hand, sometimes we are so consumed with one thing that everything else gets ignored. How does that work? I think by nature we were born knowing […]

Chunking vs Multi-Tasking

Everyone knows what multi-tasking is; we ADDers claim to be experts at it. Multi-tasking, as it turns out, is rarely that: doing two things at once. Even more important – it’s rarely as effective as you might think. For instance, if right now, as I am writing this, someone came into the room to talk […]

5 Good Things About Having ADHD

People are always talking about the bad things about ADHD. It is, after all, both a deficit and a disorder. Or a difference in my opinion. There are some good things, though, about having Attention Deficit Disorder. Here are five: 1. You notice things others miss. Yes, it’s true. We are always being accused of […]

Can You?

Have you seen Jennifer Hudson’s new ad for Weight Watchers? Here it is: I love that she talks about how her life used to be about “I Can’t” and now it is about “I Can”. Do you do that with your ADHD? See yourself as a deficit and a disorder? Do you say “I Can’t” […]