45 Organizing Ideas from Jillee

I’m always happy to share great resources when I find them. One Good Thing by Jille is a blog I visit every day. I love her DIY homemade cleaners – so much better environmentally – and just all of the good ideas she comes up with. Today she did a post about 45 Simple, Creative […]

One Armed House Cleaning

Ever since I broke my arm, I’ve had to learn to do lots of things with just my right arm. Lucky for me I’m right handed. Still, you’d be surprised how many things really need 2 arms to do. There are so many things around the house that really require the use of both arms. […]

5 Random Things

Today I shared a tip on Facebook that I got from a site that I like a lot. Then it occurred to me that maybe all of you would be interested too. So I decided to come up with 5 random things that make my life easier and share them with you. Now I really […]