Procrastinate Now, Panic Later

Once upon a time, 28 years ago, I was completely ready for Christmas by Dec 1st. You see, I had a baby due on the 31st who was scheduled for a C section on the 17th. Everything had to be done ahead of time. Her brother - also scheduled for a C section - had arrived 3 weeks ahead of time. I … [Read more...]

The Circus in Your Head

31 Day Challenge: Day 21 If you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I don't have to tell you that a lack of order in your home isn't the only problem. In fact, it might not even be your biggest problem. The clutter inside your head might be more important. Am I right? So how do you … [Read more...]

5 Minutes Here and There

Lately I've been on an organizing mission. I don't know what motivated me to do it, other than maybe the frustration of dealing with messy places. What I've discovered is that organizing doesn't have to be a big project and that you don't have to do it all at once. Last week, for instance, I … [Read more...]