Organizing Your Purse

Is it a purse, a bag, or a pocketbook to you? Please tell me no one answered pocketbook. I think that was my grandma talking. And while I’m asking, are you a big bag girl or a small bag girl? Or even a teeny tiny bag girl? Is it weird to say bag and girl […]

Purses, Organization, and A Life Well Lived

organization an ADD woman

Note: the contest mentioned in this post has ended. As you may know, I am a member of the BlogHer community. BlogHer is a publishing network made up of more talented women writers than I can count. BlogHer members write on a variety of topics that interest women, including organization, family, food, money matters and […]

That Mess You Call a Purse

Or maybe you call it a bag. Either way, you know what I’m talking about. Have you ever struggled to find something in your purse? Do you have trouble finding it because you have so much stuff in there? It’s especially embarrassing when you’re holding up the line looking for your bank card, check book […]

Organize Your Bag

I have always been a woman who carries a good sized bag, usually one of those sloppy hobo looking ones. I hate square structured stiff bags. The problem with a big old purse with no structure is that it can be hard to find what you need when you need it. (Geez… is my ADHD […]