5 Ways to Help You Remember

Almost everyone who has ADHD has trouble remembering things. Part of the reason is that we have poor working memory and another part is because we tend to constantly be thinking ahead a few minutes or more in an effort to prepare ourselves for whatever is next. Living in the future like this means you […]

Simplify Your To Do List

  Are you like me? Do you have an overwhelming and out of control to do list? Even though I have a couple of ways to keep my list manageable, now and then it gets the best of me. I think a lot of us with ADHD tend to walk around with too much going […]

Write It Down!

Yesterday I made an amazing dinner. It was just chicken enchiladas, but they were really good. In fact the whole dinner was good because of the additions that went with it. (Spanish rice and flavored Greek yogurt). My whole family decided that I should definitely make this meal again and when I do, I want […]

5 Things That Keep Me on Track

Part of the adventure of ADHD is finding ways to manage the things that you need to in a way that works for you. As you know, I’m a big fan of electronics, because they help take the place of my brain when it comes to remembering things. Here are 5 tools that I rely […]

Do You Remember?

My daughter is here visiting for a few days. She’s staying with us and attending a concert in Chicago while she’s here. This morning we were chatting, and more than once I would say something to her (or ask her a question) and she would say “We talked about this last night mom. Don’t you […]