Simplify Your Workout

Do you workout? Do you go to a gym, exercise in your neighborhood, or just workout at home? You do get some form of exercise, right? Exercise is good for your body and your health, but it’s also good for your brain. Studies have shown that exercise can help you stay focused and alert for […]

Simplify Your Schedule

Do you have a set schedule? Or is one day usually different from the next? Do you have certain days for certain activities, or do you tend to sort of do things when you notice them? I think that as ADDers, we have a tendency not to want to be tied down. We prefer a […]

Bring Order to Your Day

31 Day Challenge: Day 14 Did you ever read a tip, and then see the same tip over and over again and still not quite get it? That happened to me today. It’s a concept that I’ve actually written about myself and a tip that I’ve seen over and over. It’s even one that I […]

Habits to Change Your Life

Purposely creating new, positive habits can make a huge difference in your life. So much of our lives is lived on autopilot; doing things without thinking about them. We can take advantage of this to get more done and be more productive. Conventional wisdom says that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, […]

Getting Over Overwhelm

Today I was having trouble deciding what to write about, so I asked my Facebook friends and they came up with several great ideas. One of them was about feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that you have to do in an ordinary day. Inspired by a website I visited earlier and the owner’s […]

Home Ec 101

Yesterday in my post about one armed housecleaning, I mentioned that I have found a great new blog. It’s called Home Ec 101 and it’s got just about everything you need to learn about cleaning, cooking, fixing things and washing them. Here’s what part of what Heather, the owner, says about her site: Home-Ec 101 […]