Simplify Your Closet

  The other day, we talked about Simplifying Your Beauty¬†and how taking just a few minutes in the morning to add some makeup can make you feel better about yourself, raise your self esteem, and boost your confidence. Not to mention, it shows others that you respect yourself, and as a result, they are likely […]

Getting Your Wardrobe in Order

31 Day Challenge: Day 22 How do you feel about the way you look? And what about the way that you dress? Are you putting your best face forward every day or are there days when you hope you don’t run into anyone you know? I used to be pretty good at putting outfits together […]

Your Closet on ADD

No I’m not talking about the state of your clothes closet. But since I mentioned it – how bad is it? What I really meant was – how well do you dress? As ADD Moms, we can become a little complacent with the way we look. We take care of everyone else and make sure […]

Getting Dressed with ADHD

Way too many years ago the Bangles had a song called “Manic Monday”. One of my favorite lyrics was: Got to be to work by nine And if I had an air-o-plane I still couldn’t make it on time ‘Cause it takes me so long Just to figure out what I’m gonna wear Boy, I […]