Simplify Storage

Stuff. We all deal with way too much of it. And if you have ADHD, all of our stuff can easily become overwhelming. How do you deal with it all? Where do you put it? I've recently written some posts about tidying up and putting stuff away, so hopefully you have started reducing the amount … [Read more...]

Bringing Order to the Holidays

31 Day Challenge: Day 28 Halloween is only 3 days away. And once Halloween is over, it's November and the new year will be here before you know it. Now is the time to get a head start and declutter your home. If that's too big of a job, concentrate on the "public" areas of your home: the living … [Read more...]

The Time Capsule

31 Day Challenge: Day 20 I spent the entire day today decluttering that mess around my desk that I showed you on Day 7, The High Price of Disorder. I wish I had a picture to show you, but I always write at night when the lighting is bad. Let's just say that the end table is cleared and you can see … [Read more...]