Cupcakes and Potato Chips

Note: I was recently made aware that the link that was provided to me was incorrect. It has been changed and should work now. Did you know that your eating habits could be influenced by your ADHD? And that it can be harder to lose weight if you have ADHD? Not only that, but binge eating, … [Read more...]

ADD and Subtract from Your Diet

When I say ADD - a play on ADHD and the word add - and subtract, I'm talking about food. Better nutrition means better brain health which leads to fewer ADHD symptoms or at least more manageable ones. Here are 5 foods to add to your diet:   Wild caught salmon which has … [Read more...]

Feed Your ADHD

My family and I have completely fallen in love with this dish from Ambitious Kitchen. I mean, just look at it!     The colors, the taste, the variety, and the textures. Oh my. And there's no meat. The quinoa, peanut butter, and cashews provide the protein. I've made it … [Read more...]