ADHD and Impulse

I did something I shouldn’t have tonight; I ate a banana split. Well, not the whole thing – just enough to make me sick. I feel as stuffed as the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. Now, why did I do that? Wouldn’t you think a grown woman would know better? Well, the fact is, I do know […]

Explaining My ADHD Brain

Edit: 3/15/19. A useful post, despite the mention of a Palm Pilot. It occurred to me, as it sometimes does, that my most recent post might not have seemed as relevant to you as it did to me. There is a reason for that – it’s the way the ADHD mind works. I made an […]

Talking About Managing ADHD

Edit: 3/15/19 I can’t believe how old and dated this post is! Still, you might find a useful tip or two. And the “My Chingo” has been replaced with a chat box where you can leave me a message. Bottom right of your screen. I’ve just discovered a cool new toy for my website: it’s […]

Forgetfulness and ADHD

Forgetfulness and ADHD

Our ADHD Brain The other day, as I was busy doing other things, several thoughts came into my head; ideas for things that I wanted to share here. Because I was busy on other aspects of my business, and I was really having a productive day, I didn’t stop to write anything down. I was […]

Share the ADD

I know that in my last post, I promised to tell you about one of my favorite summer memories, but I felt the need today to write about something else. Summer memories will have to wait a little longer. I’m sitting here today feeling completely overwhelmed. I have a series of house guests due to […]

Improving ADD/ADHD Symptoms – Mindfulness

Hmmm….. I think maybe I have ADD or something. I re-read my last post, about mindfulness, and realized that it didn’t really say what I had intended. The practice of mindfulness is a good one, in my opinion, and I hope I was clear on how to do it. There were two points that I […]