ADHD Friendly Snacks

What? You never thought of food as being ADHD friendly (or not)? Really? Let’s see…. choose a snack: a bag of chips and a cola or celery sticks with hummus and bottled water. Which do you think would be better for your brain? All brains need good food and healthy lifestyles in order to function […]

Anxiety Fighting Foods

Anxiety is one of ADHD’s best friends. It seems that anxiety and/or depression often show up with Attention Deficit Disorder. Dealing with anxiety can truly be a challenge. It can be hard to get through everyday life when you are continuously anxious and fearful. For years I have recommended a good healthy lifestyle including a […]

The Sunday Night Plan

For most of us, Sundays are the end of the weekend and the end of our time off. Monday is a new workday, whether you work outside the home or in it. Sunday nights are a great time to get yourself ready for the coming week. (For some things you might want to start sooner.) […]

Do This Now

Yesterday those of us in the US celebrated Thanksgiving. That means that today is Black Friday when there is all sorts of chaos and mayhem going on in the name of holiday shopping. For most of us, the next 6 weeks or so mean celebrating the holidays in one form or another. There will be […]

How Do You Know You Have ADHD?

My husband is a big Dr. Oz fan. I just happened to be in the room a few minutes ago when Dr. Oz did a promo for tomorrow’s program. Its about how you can tell if you have ADHD. That’s actually a good question. How did you know that you had ADHD? Did you figure […]

What Are Your Daily Essentials?

Do you have daily essentials? The things that you just can’t get through the day without? I bet coffee (or Diet Coke) is one of them. For me, it’s water and tea. I used to drain everyone’s coffee cups from Sunday dinner when I was about 2 or 3 years old and I guess that […]