Who is Managing Your Time?

How well do you manage your time? Or is someone else managing it for you? Those of us with ADHD often have trouble managing our time. We can lose big chunks of it when we get interested in something – that’s called hyperfocus – and it can seem to drag on forever when we’re bored. […]

How to Keep Your Passwords Safe (and Still Find Them)

It’s mind blowing when you think about how many passwords we have to remember. We have them for websites and even at work. And don’t get me started on PINs. I have 3 cards plus my dad’s and I have to remember my husbands for him. It’s enough to make you crazy. Anyway, back to […]

How to Be Super Woman

OK. You know that you can’t really be Superwoman, right? And yet we all try to be just that for our friends, co-workers, and family. And in doing so, we put ourselves last. No. Strike that. There is no place on our list of to dos that says “take care of me”. But there should […]

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be…

One way to get your life in order and get things done is to assign different tasks to different days. For instance, Monday might be laundry day when you do 3 or more loads of laundry. Or Tuesdays might be your personal days when you do things like get your hair done or get a […]

Avitae: Caffeine + Water

Recently I was contacted by a representative from Avitae, a company that makes caffeinated water. They offer 3 levels of caffeine in their purified water: 45 mg, 90 mg, and 125 mg. The reason that they contacted me was that they had been hearing from a number of moms who were successfully using it to […]

How Sunday Can Equal Sanity

I am writing this on Sunday evening. OK. I lied. It’s almost 11:00pm Sunday night. Still, the idea that I’m about to suggest is a good one. And I promise, I did do the actual part this afternoon. It’s called the Sunday Night Plan. And I call it that even though you can do it […]